A crucial part of the recording process (and there are many) is the process of EQ-ing every track so that it fits into the mix and to give the tracks room to shine without a messy sound. It truly is subjective to what you want to hear, but there are some basic starting points that every producer goes through. You need balance. For example, a common relationship that has a hard time finding a happy medium is the marriage of the Bass & Kick Drum. If you don’t carve one of these items out in the low end of your EQ, you’re more than likely going to lose the prominence of one or the other. That term of “lost in the mix” is an all too easy effect that happens to everyone. Little “cuts” of the low end of the EQ spectrum of the Bass guitar track will give the Kick drum room to breathe and still keep the foundation of your low end, while not losing the Bass in the mix.

Of course, there are so many ways to “skin a cat” (ouch), but if you find yourself stuck in your mix, give your ears a break for a few minutes and take a look at some of these images. This works in ANY D.A.W. program. These are some of the most important images that I found on Pinterest and various other sources, and they’ve made my recordings so much better!

As in any other trade in the world, there is ALWAYS something to be learned! Feel free to share some of your tips in the comments below & remember that it may feel like you hit a wall sometimes, but YOU ARE DOING IT & YOU WILL ONLY GET BETTER! ♥

Click on any of the pics below and you’ll be directed to these folk’s websites. They’ve helped in countless situations 🙂

eq_cheatsheet_v01 How to EQ your mix - No Dough Music - House Music Blog

acoustic guitar eq

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The Audible Frequency Ranges and what they do

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