Racism….. Here’s my two cents. NOT BASED ON POLITICS, even though it’s starting to bleed together because of recent events. I wrote a song about a year ago while thinking of my friends of color & ethnicity. Like my own experiences, it’s not always easy for someone who looks different in certain situations. These friends made me feel like humans should—– Good about themselves.

I ended up rewriting this song “Through Your Eyes” to reflect what I have been seeing on the TV/Internet lately. In all honesty, it hurts.. Nobody should be judged or treated ANY differently for how they look on the outside. For those who instigate this disgusting shit, YOU’RE HUMAN and you may be a product of your environment, but you don’t have to speak the words. It will save a lot of innocent people a tremendous amount of pain. And it might save you the ass-whooping of your life. There is always time to change and right the wrongs..

I grew up in the ghetto of Canton, Ohio. Surrounded by every kind of race. I’m actually glad to give a “shout out” to my immigrant parents for raising us there! We didn’t grow up affluent, we didn’t have the nicest looking house, but we had love, compassion, and empathy driven into us on a daily basis. Outside was constant gun violence, robbery, prostitutes lived in the house across the street. It was a mess to say the least. But my friends… My friends were mostly black. They had it just as hard, if not harder because the racism was rampant up there as well. I hate what I’m seeing & what I’ve seen! It’s sickening to hear the loose tongues out there throwing around anti-black, anti-jewish, anti-muslim, anti-mexican directed rhetoric, and every other race of people that are a part of this “melting pot” that is WHY America is great.

So this song is for the beautiful, strong, vibrant, and amazing people of color in the world (and yes, even my white buddies who feel the same as I). I don’t know what will come of this chapter, but I know that if you stay strong and act with your heart, you will overcome any obstacle you face. Hate is a choice that people make. If they choose that path, move along without them, because they will only impede your life’s true destination= Love, Kindness, Oneness, and many other things that are meant to put a smile on your beautiful face

Thank you to my friends, who always supported me in life’s hard times & contributed to my joy and successes. I love you to the moon and back.

“One Love, One Heart. Let’s Get Together & Feel Alright” 




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