This is the mantra I’m starting the year off with. Not a crime to expect good things to happen. Ask and ye shall receive 🙂

***I’ll admit, the only “new me” is my approach, my dedication to this craft & how I treat myself internally… I didn’t pick up an exercise regiment or healthier eating habits. I just crushed a dozen hot wings 🙂 ***


It’s January 2017. The New Year’s Hangover has finally subsided. December was a challenging month for my music. My cousin in Greece asked me if I could possibly provide him with a song to dance to, with his bride on their wedding day. I jumped on board right away. In addition to putting out my own album, I have also been very interested in music publishing & licensing songs for use in all forms of media. So either way, creating by request has always been a good goal to strive for. It was most challenging because I wanted to give them something unique. It took over my entire songwriting process. I could’ve finished other lingering tunes, but I wanted full attention on this. And when you force inspiration, you can’t always depend on a satisfying outcome. It was a bit of a grind, but I finished up a song called “Under Your Spell”. It’s a very gooey love song. And I love emotional songs! I stayed focused on how I saw their love on social media. I only let 2 lines that were personal creep in, as an homage to my lady & the state that she originally found me in 10 years ago.


At this point, the 30+ songs that are strong enough to put on an album are great, but they are all over the place. It’s going to be hard to narrow them down. It’s going to decide how the album will be looked at & “what” my sound is. That is why I’m glad that the music biz is the way it is now. Since I’m on my own label, I can put any songs I want to on the record. That’s what I’m going to do. There’s some material that is way heavier in the rock area, but I won’t be putting them all on. This record will be more easy rock/cathartic & more spirit driven. I’ve gone through a lot of feelings & most of them stemmed from recent insecurities & growing pains. I have to get them out, then I can move on to whatever direction I’m pulled more towards.


I have decided that I will put out “Under Your Spell” as my first single preceding the album. I think it’s a good start. To me, it’s a great way to greet the auditory world. The song is really geared for romantic moments like weddings or other declarations of love to one’s partner. It feels like there’s a universal evil that wants to crap on that vibe in all situations in life. Especially lately…


As far as how I’m singing what I’m writing, it’s finicky. My voice is going in so many directions with these songs. I learned to sing from mimicking. Just like when I impersonate people or characters. I think that I do some pretty decent impressions. I got my lows from singing U2’s Joshua Tree album. Bono had a heck of an awesome pretension to his vocals on that album. I love it, but I’ve read articles that quote him as not liking it. I think it shows a masculinity & strength. I got my highs from covering Zeppelin on a constant basis. My biggest issue with singing is that I’m always expecting that people want higher & higher notes. That’s not the case… They want good songs. I spent so long getting familiar with these notes because my favorite singers like Chris Cornell, can just make you go “WOW!”. I have to smooth out my approach to songs like that. If I’ve learned anything about crafting a tune, it’s that you have to do the song justice, not your ego.

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