My wife and I went on a long-needed vacation. A little relaxation, with good vibes, sounds, and sun… Why not Jamaica?? So we went to Runaway Bay, in the parish of St Ann. While there, we took up some sightseeing and did the Bob Marley “Spirit of Reggae” Tour. Always thought of his music as some of the best, most-honest, and true “music of the soul”. He and his crew wrote and created tunes that were easy on the ears, and covered every emotion possible. Good music to kick it to in any situation.
Holy Mount Zion, where Jah is seated ♥

On that tour, we went up the mountain to Nine Mile, where Bob grew up. His mother’s home was really nice and intact, with everything laid out the way they had it through their lives. His mother played piano and he did as well. The tour took us through the room that his gold records were hung on every wall.. There was a piano in that room that was definitely made in the late 1800’s. This thing was beautiful, but vintage and used. When I walked by it, I asked the guide if it would be okay to play it. He said “Of course” and I squirreled my way into the seat, awkwardly and uncomfortably (I didn’t even sit properly LOL.. I was nervous/excited)

I had to drop some “No Woman No Cry” and the tour guide rolled all over those words and melodies with only a style that a reggae man could do. He was gliding on it. It was  an honor to be able to play that piano, in that room, on that day in the Marley home. Huge highlight for us!

Where Bob’s bones lay. In this building.

My wife got me hip to the deep tracks of BM, from the beginning of our relationship. It always made me smile and chill out. No wonder she’s always got such great patience and strength. Always looking on the bright side. I can’t help but try to operate like that now, and it’s relieving to a lot of moments that I could be spending thinking about what’s wrong with everything. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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